Company Profile
The Sales Recruiting Network specializes in the placement of professional sales, sales management, and marketing positions in your industry. Since 1985 we have successfully assisted companies with hundreds of search assignments, taking the time needed to search, qualify and recruit top performers for their teams. Many of these companies use us exclusively for positions throughout North America because of our commitment to provide only qualified personnel based on company criteria.

Our Company

Our company is affiliated with over 250 sales recruiting firms covering the United States and Canada giving us an opportunity to match companies and candidates needs more effectively.

Our prescreening and in-depth interviewing allows us to present quality people that closely meets the search requirements in a shorter time frame, decreasing turnover time and allowing more productivity with your company.

Our Client List

Our client list reflects many of the Fortune 1000 and Private 200 companies which have on-going requirements for quality people, as well as smaller corporations with fewer, but equally important personnel needs. We have completed national expansion projects requiring extended time frames as well as single hiring situations resulting from unexpected turnover.

Our Strength

Our strength is locating and recruiting top sales professionals. Sales recruiting is not something we do on the side; it is our primary business. We know where to look, how to attract stars and how to get results. We do not simply fill positions; we help create corporate growth. We take pride in the success of the corporations we assist and believe that our recruiting services save companies time and money. We would like to show you what we can do. If you are interested in learning more about our services, please contact us. Compare our results with the methods you are currently using and we will show you why companies come back to us!

North American Sales Recruiting Network

Our Sales Recruiting Network partners with over 250 sales recruiting firms in the United States and Canada. Each office has a team of seasoned recruiters that specializes in sales and sales management placement. Our ability to poll candidates by the use our computerized network of candidates and companies coupled with the screening ability of our project team provides us with a higher number of qualified candidates based on potential matching power of your search needs. This unique partnership allows us to expose quality candidates to good career opportunities in a shorter time frame, allowing you to be more productive in your current situation. Not only do our candidates and client companies get the benefit of our many years in the sales recruiting field; we also are able to use our experience to selectively screen for better quality matches, thus reducing your time searching and keeping you more productive in your position. We have affiliates all over the world, but our strength is in the United States and Canada.